Medley from Izu_Kannami

Since December 1996, Last Update April, 2008

Welcome to our web site "Medley from Izu_Kannami". This is a web site for Ukrainian Easter Eggs, Medley Hoppy, Mt. Fuji, and our hobbies presented by HK-san and MK-san from Kannami-cho, Shizuoka, JAPAN.

pysanky World of Ukrainian Easter Eggs -Pysanky-
easter bunny Medley of Easter Bunny Goods
egg goods Medley of Egg Goods
Mt. Fuji Medley of Pictures of Mt. Fuji
Kannami-cho Our Town, Kannami-cho.
Hoppy collection Hoppy Collection (Medley Hoppy)

our profile Where we live and who we are.
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