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Japanese Footwear
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Item Number Item Description Price
FW001 Men's geta, bonded wood type (Med. and Lg.) $48.00
FW002 Men's geta made from one piece of wood (Med. and Lg.) $150.00
FW003 Men's rubber sole Geta (Med. and Lg.) $42.00
FW004 Men's tatami straw sandal, handmade (Med. and Lg.) $235.00
FW005 Ladies' no finish wood Geta (Med. and Lg.) $40~70.00
FW006 Ladie's lacquer finish Geta (Med. and Lg.) $40~70.00
FW007 Children's Geta (all kinds and sizes; please inquire) $30.00~
FW008 Kimono slippers with purse $200.00~
FW009 Designer brand kimono slippers and purse
(many colors and designs, please inquire)
FW010 Zori sandals, recycled tire sole (XL) $30.00
FW011 Men's and ladies' healthy stimulation sole Geta $40.00
FW012 Split toe tabi boots, low top rubber coated
(black or blue, sizes 8 ~10)
FW013 Split toe tabi boots, high top ( black or blue, sizes 8~10) $30.00
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