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Kendo Equipment
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Item Number Item Description Price
KN001 Type A Set
Handsewn at 1mm. Set includes mask (men), chest protector (mune), forehand (kote), apron (tare). Made from leather and indigo dyed material. Shoulder protector attached to mask (men futon), chin protector (ago). This is a very high class set.
KN002 Type B Set
Hand sewn at 1.5mm. Set includes the same equipment as the as Type a set.
KN003 Type C Set
Machine sewn at 3mm. Set incudes men, do, kote, tare, men futon, and ago.
KN004 Type D Set
Machine sewn at 5mm. Set includes same as Type C.
KN005 Type E Set
Machine sewn at 8mm. Set includes same as Type C and D.
KN006 Bamboo shinai stick - short $23.00
KN007 Bamboo shinai stick - medium $26.00
KN008 Bamboo shinai stick - long $33.00
KN009 Bamboo shinai shadow practice stick $120.00
KN010 Carbon shinai stick $170 - $300
KN011 Keikogi (uniform) jacket (from height 170cm (5ft 7in)) $60 - $650
KN012 Hakama (uniform) pants (from height 170cm (5ft 7in)) $70 - $230
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