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Item Number Item Description Item Price
MC001 Uchiwa (fan) (a)Festival  (b)Seven gods
large (60cm) or small (30cm)
Lg. $25.00
Sm. $10.00
MC002 Scented wooden fan $10.00
MC003 Decoration fan with stand Lg. $100.00
Sm. $70.00
MC004 Racoon dog ornament
large(90cm), medium(60cm), and small(45cm)
Lg. $1000.00
Med. $700.00
Sm. $400.00
MC005 Good luck cat $50.00
MC006 Piggy banks  (a)Fukusuke  (b)white cat  (c)black cat $30.00
MC007 Japanese Oyama dolls $90.00
MC008 Hagoita $700.00
  • We also have lots of other items, such as samue (working clothes), Noren curtains, happi jackets, Japanese dolls, and so much more. Please inquire.
  • Also, please inquire about our collection of used kimonos and obis.
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