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Japanese Snacks
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Item Number Item Description Amount Price
SN001 Konbu flavor konnyaku 120g $8.00
SN002 Deepfried small sardine snacks 90g $11.00
SN003 Cured, seasoned flying fish snacks 70g $11.00
SN004 Burdock rice crackers. Healthy! 100g      $7.00
SN005 Soyrice crackers with cheese wrapped in seapaper 100g $8.00
SN006 Leaf shaped rice crackers with chocolate
and roasted almond
110g $8.00
SN007 Smoked quail eggs. Delicacy! 30eggs $11.00
SN008 Takuwan individually wrapped white radish pickles 250g $11.00
SN009 Thick chunks of cured bonita topped with cheese individually vacumpacked. Great with beer and sake! 280g $12.00
SN010 High class rice crackers best quality  200g $11.00
SN011 Tasty Miso for soup contains Japanese soup stock 1kg $10.00
SN012 Rice crackers with spicy natto (fermented soy bean) 15crackers $8.00
SN013 Dry natto (fermented soy bean) wrapped in seapaper  12rolls $8.00
SN014 Spicy rice cracker bits with peanuts - $11.00
SN015 Tasty seapaper squares 50 $20.00
SN016 Shrimp rice crackers.  Great source of calcium! 100g $8.00
SN017 Kani (crab) miso paste. Great with sake! 100g $10.00
SN018 Corned beef by Yonezawa. Delicious! 140g $15.00
SN019 Corned beef by Matsuzaka. Delicious! 140g $21.00
SN020 Dried Konbu seaweed snacks.  Loaded with minerals. 30 pks $13.00
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