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Japanese Tea and Accessories
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Item Number Item Description Amount Price
JT001 Green tea, Aramomicha 100g $8.00
JT002 Green tea, Bo-cha 100g $8.00
JT003 Green tea and brown rice Genmaicha 100g $7.00
JT004 Tea pot with screen - $25.00
JT005 Small tea pot with screen - $20.00
JT006 Fancy tea can silver with maple leaf design (nice gift) - $20.00
JT007 Regular tea can - $20.00
JT008 Japanese paper tea can - $8.00
JT009 Geisha girl tea can - $8.00
JT010 Gold or silver tea can - $8.00
JT011 Sweet green tea powder  280g
JT012 Ochazuke (salmon, nozawana pickle, wasabi mustard) 6pk $5.00
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